Business Unusual

We were founded on the belief that true success is a result of true freedom. By creating a culture built on big ideas, candid conversations, and breaking barriers, we empower each other to reach higher and achieve more.

Who We Are



Help ambitious professionals achieve more by connecting them to the right people and opportunities.

Our Values

Always Autonomous

Unlocking your fullest potential requires full control over your decisions, time, and life. We give members the freedom to define success on their own terms.

Keep it Real

We believe that growth is the result of vulnerability and ambition. We encourage authenticity and invite our members to embrace every chapter of their success stories.

Endgame Oriented

We play to win. We stay focused on outcomes and innovation to help the world’s professionals stay at the top of their game.


We believe your most valuable connections are people you can learn from, and relate to. We help members reach new heights personally and professionally by connecting them with like-minded individuals.

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Our commitment to building strong leaders starts from within. We’re investing in individuals eager to change networking for the better to create a culture where success is limitless.

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